Embedded Computing Systems VTU Notes Pdf – ECS Pdf

Here you can download the Embedded Computing Systems VTU Notes Pdf – ECS Pdf of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Embedded Computing Systems VTU Notes Pdf – ECS Pdf of Total Modules

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Embedded Computing Systems VTU Notes Pdf - ECS Pdf

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UNIT – 1

Embedded Computing: Introduction, Complex Systems, and Microprocessors, Embedded Systems Design Process, Formalism for System design Design Example: Model Train Controller.



UNIT – 2

Instruction Sets, CPUs: Preliminaries, ARM Processor, Programming Input and Output, Supervisor mode, Exceptions, Traps, Co processors, Memory Systems Mechanisms, CPU Performance, CPU Power Consumption. Design Example: Data Compressor.

Link: Unit-2 


UNIT – 3

Bus-Based Computer Systems: CPU Bus, Memory Devices, I/O devices, Component Interfacing, Designing with Microprocessor, Development and Debugging, System-Level Performance Analysis Design Example: Alarm Clock.

Link: Unit-3


UNIT – 4

Program Design and Analysis: Components for embedded programs, Models of programs, Assembly, Linking and Loading, Basic Compilation Techniques, Program optimization, Program-Level performance analysis, Software performance optimization, Program-Level energy and power analysis, Analysis and optimization of program size, Program validation and testing. Design Example: Software modem.

Link: Unit-4 


UNIT – 5

Real Time Operating system (RTOS) Based Design – 1: Basics of OS, Kernel, types of OSs, tasks, processes, Threads, Multitasking and Multiprocessing, Context switching, Scheduling Policies, Task Communication, Task Synchronization.

Link: Unit-5 


UNIT – 6

RTOS-Based Design – 2: Inter process Communication mechanisms, Evaluating OS performance, Choice of RTOS, Power Optimization. Design Example: Telephone Answering machine.

Link: Unit-6 


UNIT – 7

Distributed Embedded Systems: Distributed Network Architectures, Networks for Embedded Systems: I2C Bus, CAN Bus, SHARC Link Ports, Ethernet, Martinet, Internet, Network-Based Design. Design Example:
Elevator Controller.

Link: Unit-7 


UNIT – 8

Embedded Systems Development Environment: The Integrated Development Environment, Types of File generated on Cross Compilation, Dis-assembler De-compiler, Simulators, Emulators, and Debugging, Target Hardware Debugging.

Link: Unit-8 

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