GATE 2016 Engineering Science Question Papers with Solutions

GATE 2016 Engineering Science Question Papers with Solutions

Here you can find in the below link of GATE 2016 Engineering Science Question Papers with Solutions of all previous question papers download links are updated below:

Complete GATE 2016 Engineering Science Question Papers with Solutions


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GATE XE-G 2016 Question Paper GATE XE-G 2016 Key Paper

Few Same questions from previous Gate XE question papers are listed below:

1.  Which of the following thermodynamic properties shows a discontinuity during a second-order phase transition? (A) Volume
(B) Enthalpy
(C) Entropy
(D) Heat capacity

2.   Cross slip is easily promoted in metals having
(A) a low stacking fault energy.
(B) a low grain boundary energy.
(C) a high stacking fault energy.
(D) a high grain boundary energy

3.  Which one of the following effects is the working principle of a thermocouple?
(A) Thomson
(B) Seebeck
(C) Peltier
(D) Meissner

4. Mohr’s circle for the state of plane stress at a point is shown in the figure. Unit of stress is MPa and the circle is drawn not to scale. Which one of the following options (stress values in MPa) is true?

5. Consider the following statements related to the second law of thermodynamics:
P. A cyclic heat engine cannot produce net work by exchanging heat only with one reservoir.
Q. The efficiency of a reversible heat engine is dependent on the nature and amount of working substance undergoing the cycle. R. It is impossible to have a cyclic device which will produce no effect other than the transfer of heat from a cold body to a hot body. S. It is impossible to have heat engines operating between a heat source and sink to have a lower efficiency than that of a reversible heat engine operating between the same source and sink.
For which of the following options, BOTH the statements are inconsistent with the second law of thermodynamics:
(A) P and R
(B) P and Q
(C) R and S
(D) Q and S

6. Which one of the following is not used in mass transfer analysis?
(A) Biot number
(B) Peclet number
(C) Schmidt number
(D) Sherwood number

7. A house-hold refrigerator operates under steady state condition between an evaporator temperature of 263 K and a condenser temperature of 323 K. The heat load to the refrigerator is 3 kW. The actual COP of the refrigerator is half of that of a Carnot refrigerator operating between the same condenser and evaporator temperatures. The power required (in kW) to run the refrigerator is ___________.

8.  Rubber modulus is
(A) ratio of stress to strain
(B) same as Young’s modulus
(C) stress at specified strain
(D) stress at break

9. Polyethylene and polypropylene form an immiscible blend mainly due to
(A) entropy factor
(B) enthalpy factor
(C) crystallinity
(D) solubility

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