Maintenance Engineering & Management Notes VSSUT | MEM Notes VSSUT

Maintenance Engineering & Management Notes VSSUT – MEM Notes VSSUT of Total Complete Notes

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Maintenance Engineering & Management Notes VSSUT | MEM Notes VSSUT

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Module – 1

Importance of maintenance, Objectives of maintenance,

Types of maintenance, Maintenance systems, Planned and unplanned maintenance,

Breakdown maintenance, Corrective maintenance,Opportunistic maintenance,

Routine maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Predictive maintenance,

Condition based maintenenace systems,Design-out maintenance,

Selection of maintenance systems.

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Module – 2

Maintenance planning and scheduling, establishing a maintenance plan,

Safety precautions Characteristics of items to be maintained,

Classification of items, Maintenance procedure, Steps of job planning,Planning techniques ,

Guidelines for matching procedures to items,Maintenance organization,

 Resource characteristics, Resources structure,Maintenance control,
Administrative structure,Training of maintenance personnel.

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Module – 3

Codification ,Cataloguing and Systems Approach,Definition ,

Maintenance records and documentation,Methods of Record keeping ,

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis,Determine probability of occurrence ,

Benefits of conducting FMEA,FMEA Applications ,Spare parts Management ,

System operations and documentation, Documenting maintenance operations,

Record keeping, Data collection and analysis,Failure statistics,

Planning and scheduling plant shutdowns,Depreciation and Machine Life,
Replacement policies,Spares and types of spares, spares planning.

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Module – 4

An Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance (TPM),Total Productive Maintenance (TPM),

Similarities and differences between TQM and TPM,TPM Targets,Stages in TPM implementation,

Network techniques in maintenance activities, Evaluation of maintenance performance,

Total productive maintenance – development and scope,INTRODUCTION STAGE,


TPM Organization Structure, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), Pillars of TPM,



Basic systems of TPM, Procedures and steps,Productivity circles,TPM as a part of TQM, benefits of TPM.

Link: Module – 4

Maintenance Planning and Control- A. Kelly, East West Press.
Mechanical Fault Diagnosis- R.A. Collacott, Chapman and Hall.
Managing Maintenance Resources- A. Kelly, Butterworth-Heinemann.
Handbook of Maintenance Management- Levitt Joel, Industrial

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