Management And Entrepreneurship VTU Notes Pdf – ME Pdf VTU

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Management And Entrepreneurship VTU Notes Pdf – ME Pdf VTU of Total Units

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Management And Entrepreneurship VTU Notes Pdf - ME Pdf VTU

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     Part A

       UNIT – 1

MANAGEMENT: Introduction – Meaning – nature and characteristics of Management, Scope and Functional areas of management – Management as a science, the art of profession – Management & Administration.

Link: Unit 1 Notes

UNIT – 2

PLANNING: Nature, importance, and purpose of the planning process – Objectives – Types of plans (Meaning Only) – Decision making – Importance of planning – steps in planning & planning premises – Hierarchy of plans.

Link: Unit 2 Notes

UNIT – 3

ORGANIZING AND STAFFING: Nature and purpose of the organization – Principles of the organization – Types of the organization – Departmentation – Committees- Centralization Vs Decentralization of authority and responsibility.

Link: Unit 3 Notes

UNIT – 4

DIRECTING & CONTROLLING: Meaning and nature of directing – Leadership styles, Motivation Theories, Communication – Meaning and importance – coordination, meaning and importance and Techniques of Co-Ordination. Meaning and steps in controlling.

Link: Unit 4   


UNIT – 5

ENTREPRENEUR: Meaning of Entrepreneur; Evolution of the Concept, Functions of an Entrepreneur, Types of Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur – an emerging Class. The concept of Entrepreneurship.

Link: Unit 5 Notes

UNIT – 6

SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES: Definition; Characteristics; Need and rationale; Objectives; Scope; the role of SSI in Economic Development. Advantages of SSI Steps to start and SSI – Government policy towards SSI.

Link: Unit 6 Notes

UNIT – 7


Link : Unit 7 Notes

UNIT – 8

PREPARATION OF PROJECT: Meaning of Project; Project Identification; Project Selection; Project Report; Need and Significance of Report; Contents; Formulation; Guidelines by Planning Commission for Project report; Network Analysis; Errors of Project Report.

Link : Unit 8 Notes

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