Object Oriented Modeling And Designing VTU Notes pdf – OOMD Pdf

Here you can download the Object Oriented Modeling And Designing VTU Notes pdf – OOMD Pdf of as per VTU Syllabus. Below we have list all the links as per the modules.

Object Oriented Modeling And Designing VTU Notes pdf – OOMD Pdf of Total Modules

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Object Oriented Modeling And Designing VTU Notes pdf - OOMD Pdf

OOMD Notes VTU – Object-Oriented Modeling And Designing Notes VTU – VTU OOMD Notes


Link: Part A Notes


UNIT – 1

INTRODUCTION, MODELING CONCEPTS, CLASS MODELING: What is Object Orientation? What is OO development? OO themes; Evidence for the usefulness of OO development; OO modeling history. Modeling as Design Technique: Modeling; abstraction; The three models. Class Modeling: Object and class concepts; Link and associations concepts; Generalization and inheritance; A sample class model; Navigation of class models; Practical tips.

Link: Unit- 1


UNIT – 2

ADVANCED CLASS MODELING, STATE MODELING: Advanced object and class concepts; Association ends; N-ary associations; Aggregation; Abstract classes; Multiple inheritances; Metadata; Reification; Constraints; Derived data; Packages; Practical tips. State Modeling: Events, States, Transitions and Conditions; State diagrams; State diagram behavior; Practical tips.

Link: Unit-2


UNIT – 3

ADVANCED STATE MODELING, INTERACTION MODELING: Advanced State Modeling: Nested state diagrams; Nested states; Signal generalization; Concurrency; A sample state model; Relation of class and state models; Practical tips.
Interaction Modeling: Use case models; Sequence models; Activity models. Use case relationships; Procedural sequence models; Special constructs for activity models.

Link: Unit-3


UNIT – 4

PROCESS OVERVIEW, SYSTEM CONCEPTION, DOMAIN ANALYSIS: Process Overview: Development stages; Development life cycle.
System Conception: Devising a system concept; Elaborating a concept; Preparing a problem statement. Domain Analysis: Overview of analysis; Domain class model; Domain state model; Domain interaction model; Iterating the analysis.

Link: Unit-4



Link: Part-B


UNIT – 5

Application interaction model; Application class model; Application state model; Adding operations. Overview of system design; Estimating performance; Making a reuse plan; Breaking a system in to sub-systems; Identifying concurrency; Allocation of sub-systems; Management of data storage; Handling global resources; Choosing a software control strategy; Handling boundary conditions; Setting the trade-off priorities; Common architectural styles; Architecture of the ATM system as the example.

Link: Unit-5 


UNIT – 6

CLASS DESIGN, IMPLEMENTATION MODELING, LEGACY SYSTEMS: Class Design: Overview of class design; Bridging the gap; Realizing use cases; Designing algorithms; Recursing downwards, Refactoring; Design optimization; Reification of behavior; Adjustment of inheritance; Organizing a class design; ATM example. Implementation Modeling: Overview of implementation; Fine-tuning classes; Fine-tuning generalizations; Realizing associations; Testing.
Legacy Systems: Reverse engineering; Building the class models; Building the interaction model; Building the state model; Reverse engineering tips; Wrapping; Maintenance.

Link: Unit-6 


UNIT – 7

DESIGN PATTERNS – 1: What is a pattern and what makes a pattern? Pattern
categories; Relationships between patterns; Pattern description.
Communication Patterns: Forwarder-Receiver; Client-Dispatcher-Server; Publisher-Subscriber.

Link: Unit-7 


UNIT – 8

DESIGN PATTERNS – 2, IDIOMS: Management Patterns: Command processor;
View handler. Idioms: Introduction; What can idioms provide? Idioms and style;
Where to find idioms; Counted Pointer example.

Link: Unit-8 

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